Website is now filled with lots and lots of mods!

By Tim Quax on 10 september 2007

I have put all of the mods that are of a reasonably quality online. At least the ones I kept pictures of. Mods like the Beer Case PC and the Coffee PC are now officially viewable on the website!

Mods you say? Oh yes.

"Mod" is short voor "modifying". It's about tweaking PC's, kicking it around until the simplest machines look incredibly bad ass. Of course, modding is a wide concept, you could put the PC entirely in something else, or tweaking electronics, in which you don't even have to see anything on the outside.

I have added projects like the Beer Case PC, the Coffee PC (it can make coffee!) and the full automatic computer-controlled coffeemaker. You can find the whole thing here, look at the Mods section for the entire archive.

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