Beer Case Mediacenter

By Tim Quax on 01 may 2009
The Beer Case Mediacenter is a version 2.0 of the Beer Case mod. This case is modular; every part (hdd rack, cdrom rack, etc) has a seperate rack custom built to fit in the case, which can be removed with 1 simple click. Besides that the motherboard plate is ATX; every motherboard fits.

Beer Case PC - Computer built in a beercase

Beer Case PC - hard disk rack

Beer Case PC - cd/dvd rom rack

Beer Case PC - empty case

Beer Case PC - empty beercrate left side Beer Case PC - empty beercrate right side

Beer Case PC - empty beercrate front

Beer Case PC - filled with hdd and cd rom rack

Beer Case PC - inside with computer equipment

Beer Case PC front

troll on Thursday 11-11-2010

Bill Hung on Sunday 12-02-2012

I came here seeing your hard disk rack from google image search. I wonder where you get that metal rack? Did you have to make it yourself?
Tim Quax on Friday 24-02-2012


I did, more or less. Although you can find larger HDD racks than the usual size. Not easy to find though :)

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