Yarr webcomic is back online!

By Tim Quax on 01 february 2009

I have updated TheGreenCult.nl with Yarr, the webcomic I made with M42D about five years ago. I have put it online as some sort of archive, just because it's so fucked up and awesome to read it.

Yarr's environment is mostly Heaven, and it's about God. In this world, God is a desk lamp with a big attitude and some very geeky characteristics. Heaven is green, and is filled with some really fucked up characters.

Characters like a homicidal bunny, a pirate virtually in love with cookies, and so forth. It's quite the strange webcomic, and maybe a little bit geeky here and there, but it's awesome when you're into that sort of thing.

Below you can check the first Yarr comic!

First webcomic of Yarr

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