Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive... IT'S ALIVE!!

By Tim Quax on 01 september 2007

TGC has been standing still for quite some time, but now it's back in business! I'm updating the website with more Mods and all kinds of stuff.

TheGreenCult.nl has been around sinds the 12th of september 2004. It has always been a site about nonsense (the domainname fits, doesn't it?), it was especially filled with images, a forum and some more stuff. Since then it has evolved into a website that's housing all of my projects and mods.

And now, three years after the website started, I have created quite a few mods. Though it's been quiet for a while - the website has had very few updates in the last few months; the code nor content. It has been awfully quiet, but that's about to change! I'm starting right now with some extra mods and technical updates.

hgqlym on Sunday 01-08-2010

Cool! The beginning of the beginning
wuzza on Friday 06-08-2010

yeah dude!

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