Home built NAS reaches read speed of 266MBps

By Tim Quax on 10 may 2010

A modder by the name of Will Urbina has built his own NAS, containing eight sata disks, giving it a maximum of 16TB's of raw storage power. The Black Dwarf is able to read these awesome read speeds with a HighPoint Rocket RAID 2680 raid controller.

The Black Dwarf is has a compact Quanmax KEEX-2030 board as it's base, which gets its power from the 1.66Ghz Atom N270. The board also contains a PCI express x4 slot, which is filled with the HighPoint Rocket RAID 2680 controller which has 8 sata connectors. It also has DDR2 memory, an LCD display for showing status info, and an extra PSU to power the drives.

Black Dwarf

For the case itself Urbina used steel, aluminum and Lexan plastic for the transparant top. To cool the disks, the Black Dwarf has a 120mm fan at the back. The NAS contains eight 5400rpm 2TB disks, configured as a raid 5 array; thus giving it about 13TB's of storage. The NAS uses 90W and reaches read speeds up to 266MBps and write speeds up to 88MBps.

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