Beer Case PC

By Tim Quax on 29 september 2006

Heineken Beer Case PC - Computer built in a beer case

One takes a beer case..

At the time of the picture below I still had the naive ambition to keep two rows of beers intact. The space in the crate however dictated that wouldn't happen.

Emptying a beer case of it's beer holding insides is trickier than one might think. I have used all possible tools to get this part done, and it was hell still:

different pliers, hammer & chisels, dremel (mini angle grinder), iron saw, wood saw and a jig saw.

But, in the end it worked out. Woohoooo YEAH!

empty beer case

And then the Beer Case PC is created

Unfortunately i didn't make that much photo's during the construction of the mod, though you can see in the image below how it's made. The following is how it is created:

  • I made a plate for the motherboard and mounted it on the bottom
  • Then the motherboard was mounted on the plate (which was a piece of cake after the grounding and screw holes were created)

  • I made the on/off & reboot switch in the handle.
  • The power supply is mounted above the motherboard, to the side of the beer case.

  • I mounted the fans on the side of the beers, which should keep them somewhat cool.

And then I ran out of room. The beers are taking in some critical space. My solution was putting the rest of the hardware in a beertender keg, I rather have beer in my case than those damn cdrom drives and hard disks. Pfuh. In the image below you can see one of the fans that will keep the beers cool (4 fans will be mounted in total).

Heineken beer case - the inside with computer

Everything looks good from a distance

You can see the complete case mod below. You may have noticed the tower with the cdrom drives and harddisks is located behind the beer case. That's because it's not engineered very well, and it shows. After the beer case pc was completed I thought it was time to do something else; I sawed a square out of the keg and chucked a 5.25" rack in it and bolted it shut. I stuffed it with equipment and problem solved. So you can't expect much from it, especially since this mod cost me about 10 bucks (yeah, that's pretty much the deposit money for the beer...).

Heineken Beer Case PC - Computer built in a beer case

Everything look good with lots of leds as well, by the way.

All of the fans that keep the beers company have 4 leds each as well, creating a light show so you can stare at something while drinking the beer case empty.

Heineken Beer Case PC - glow in the dark

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