Website update: added guestbook + downloadpage

By Tim Quax on 28 oktober 2008

I have created some cool scripts for TGC and I have put them online, among other things we have a download section now. This will really come in handy for the non-programming Modders who want to do the same mods that I have done.

I have added a guestbook, with a green screaming monster which will stand next to your message, giving your message JUST that extra attention it needs. Needless to say, it's practical for extra tips on building mods for example.

And of course the download page, which i intend to fill with source code of just about anything. This will prevent people from reinventing the wheel, while I could give them the code they need. I filled the download section right away, with the coffeemaker script (VBS) and the binary clock(PHP/JS). The coffee maker script was used in the computer-controlled coffee maker mod, as well as the Coffee PC. The binary clock shows the time in binary, meaning zeroes and ones. Realtime with AJAX and PHP, so you can see the clock changing, as well as the binary version below it.

You don't know how the binary clock works? It's simple; Every row presents a part of time, the top one is for the hour, below that you have the minutes, below that the seconds. It counts binary from right to left.

The source code is on the download section, so you can see how it's made, and maybe even put it at your own website.

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