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30-07Gnome 3 pushed back some more, releasing in 2011

29-06XDA developers ported Ubuntu and Android to the HTC HD2

25-05Pandora, the open source handheld, is finally there!

24-05Source Android for iPhone 3G finally published

10-05Canonical develops instant-on OS for netbooks

09-05Android on iPhone 3G! Planetbeing does it again

22-04Developer gets Android running on iPhone 2G

11-11Gnome 3 is pushed back to late 2010

26-10Ubuntu celebrates fifth anniversary

16-10The Linux Foundation boosts membership with new, exclusive perks

06-10DeviceVM expands instant-on Linux to business computers

20-08Linux Foundation processes 5 patches per hour

29-09Iphone Dev Team owns Iphone and boots Linux

04-07Netgear is addicted to Open Source

20-05More ASUS motherboards shipped with onboard Linux


22-01MySQL Optimization using MysQLTuner

12-07apt-get: NO_PUBKEY / GPG error

08-06MySQL: Repair & Optimize all Tables in all Databases

16-02Solution for "Apache Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to port 80"

19-10Access your MySQL server through SSH

09-10Automatically find / delete old files on Linux

02-10Email notifications from a Linux system

01-10Finding the largest files and / or directories on a Linux system

05-09Change the default editor in Ubuntu / Debian Linux

04-09Add Sudo to your last typed command with the " !! " Syntax

02-09Keep your SSH session going after disconnecting

02-09Use Public Keys for SSH sessions

02-09Mount a remote folder using SSHFS

02-09Install an RPM package on Debian based Distro's

02-09MySQL database backup from the Linux Console


Edimax router Loadbalancer29-09Edimax router Loadbalancer
I turned a simple Edimax router into a loadbalancer; changed the firmware to create a basic Linux system out of it, which serves as the platform onto which I installed load balancing software.