Linux Foundation processes 5 patches per hour

By Tim Quax on 20 august 2009

The Linux Foundation accepts an average of 5,45 patches per hour, and the codebase has grown with 2,7 million lines of code in the last year, according to the report the foundation released.

The report was created by members of the Linux Foundation. The report says the number of developers that contributed code to the kernel releases has grown with 10% to about a thousand. The codebase now contains almost 12 million lines of code. The report also mentions the contributions of the programmers, and that of the companies that sponsor them.

Explanations for the rise in development activities can be found in two directions, according to the Linux Foundation; the growing demand for Linux (netbooks for example) and the coming of the Linux-Next tree. This tree makes it possible to include unstable drivers in the kernel, thus improving the speed of the development process.

The report of the Linux Foundation can be found here. More information about the Linux Next Tree can be found here.

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