Canonical develops instant-on OS for netbooks

By Tim Quax on 10 may 2010

Canonical has announced two instant-on versions of Ubuntu. The netbook version can be installed as a dual-boot, besides Windows. The Light editions will be equipped with the new Unity interface as well.

The plans for the fast booting Light OS'es were posted on Mark Shuttleworth's blog. Ubuntu 10.10, aka Maverick Meerkat, should be the first lucky bastard with this sparkly new feature. This release, as you might have guessed, is planned for october. The Light edition is especially developed for netbooks, Canonical claims a Dell Mini 10v netbook with an SSD drive can boot in about 7 seconds. Most people think its all 'green' and cost-efficient, since you can boot your netbook anytime you like. I like to compare it with a car that goes 200 mph; you'll notice the performance somewhat, and you'll be like "meh".

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