Pandora, the open source handheld, is finally there!

By Tim Quax on 25 may 2010

After years and years of development and delays it finally happened. The handheld is completely open source and is meant for playing games.

The handheld was originally to be shipped in 2007, however production issues caused delay after delay. Today "it finally happened", as the Pandora blogpost entitled. The Pandora is a handheld which has risen from the ideas that came from the community of


The Pandora is a handheld computer which a 4.3" led screen with a resolution of 800x480. The device is powered by a 600Mhz ARM processor of Texas Instruments, hooked up on 256MB ram. Graphical performance is being taken care of by the SGX530 gpu of PowerVR. The OS is stored on a 512MB nand chip and also features a complete QWERTY keyboard, a d-pad, two joysticks and 4 buttons. The front is equipped with two SD slots and USB 2 ports. Of course thats not all; audio and tv ports are also available, as is wireless and bluetooth.

The Pandora is being sold for 330 dollar.

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