DeviceVM expands instant-on Linux to business computers

By Tim Quax on 06 oktober 2009

DeviceVM is expanding Splashtop, bringing its instant-on Linux platform to business computers. The business edition of Splashtop will have a few cool features, like remote virtual desktop client software and support for syncing with Outlook.

splashtop corporate edition

More and more hardware vendors choose to adopt instant-on Linux platforms in their hardware. That way, Linux is bundled with new computers that don't even have a pre-installed operating system, or worst yet, is running Windows. The function of these instant on Linux environments is to get users online quickly to perform a few simple tasks without having to turn on the PC and boot the full operating system.

Splashtop, which has been expanding for the last few years, is one of the most used instant-on Linux systems. It's available for more than 200 different laptops, desktops and motherboards from several mainstream hardware vendors. It has a variety of popular applications, like Firefox.

Splashtop has been generally targeting the consumer market, however DeviceVM is now going to create the business edition. It has a few new cool features, like the new e-mail client that is designed to sync with the installed Outlook on the Windows operating system, which can sync e-mail, contacts and even your calendar. Another feature is the built-in support for connecting to remote desktops via RDP. DeviceVM also states that the instant-on Linux environment is built to accomodate corporate IT requirements. Splashtop provides an update system and even a user policy control framework, which can be remotely managed by the IT department.

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