Developer gets Android running on iPhone 2G

By Tim Quax on 22 april 2010

Devteam's Planetbeing has succeeded in supplying the iPhone 2G with a Linux kernel and the Android OS. We haven't heard from Planetbeing for a long while; since the release of ultrasn0w.

Planetbeing hasn't ported all of the drivers yet; so not everything is fully functional. Supposedly, his Android port, named iDroid, can be easily adapted to run on the iPhone 3G. That won't be so easy for the 3GS; possibly because of the hardware changes, like the different cpu. In Planetbeing's YouTube movie he shows how he connects with wifi and makes a call.


Android boots with Planetbeing's own bootloader; OpeniBoot, which he made in 2008 in order to get Linux on the iPhone. Pressing the Home button for a long time at the bootloader boots Android. It's the first time ever Google's OS has been ported to the iPhone.

The member of Devteam has offered his Android port iDroid as a download, though the download isn't available at the time of writing. Through our own mirror it can be downloaded here.

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