Ceiling PC

By Tim Quax on 29 september 2008
Forced by lack of space, the Beer Case PC mod had to go. I wrecked it, but of course I did want to keep the system that resides in it (i'm a student after all). Solution? I nailed the machine to the ceiling, plenty of room there!

The whole PC is nailed to the ceiling, and it's still working fine.

Efficient use of space

It's not just nailing a few parts on the ceiling. No, the system works fine, when I plug in the cables I can reach the PC with a SSH connection, and do stuff with it. I primarily use it for testing purposes.

The IT crowd among the readers might notice there aren't enough cables in the image below. That's very true, and it's because this picture was taking whilst I was mounting it to the ceiling.

Ceiling PC

Efficient: Yes. Durable: Nah..

Apparently the hard disk doesn't think it's very funny when you mount the thing up side down. Understandable, none the less not something i'd wish for.

When the hard disk died, I replaced it with a new drive, and instead of nailing it up side down to the ceiling, It's hanging between two chains. As it also happens this setup fits a lot better with the PC cabling.

Ceiling PC - hard disks hanging

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