StarFire Retaliation: Flash shooter of Awesome

By Tim Quax on 29 january 2010

Switching Brains has just released StarFire Retaliation. Normally I wouldn't post game stuff on this site, even though I am a programmer at Switching Brains; who created the game. I just can't keep anyone from not having a chance at destroying aliens with brutal fire power.

The classic arcade shooting game distinguishes itself by offering original and pre rendered 3D graphics, with which the enemy is attacked at in a spacey setting.

With the computer keyboard acting as an operating system, the efficient playability exceeds all expectations. In order to get each of the three levels, you must obviously survive a Boss Attack. But no enemy will be save from you in this colourful game, thanks to a wide range of brutal weapons, including thick laser beams, flame-throwers and target striking rockets.

Game feeling
Switching Brains has put a lot of work in this game. Dutch game developer Dennis van Koningsbruggen has a good eye for detail. “You will often see shooting games of which the graphics have been copied. I was keen to produce original surroundings with newly developed graphics. Music composed for the occasion, reflecting the atmosphere of the classic shooting game in space, will add lustre to the game”, says Van Koningsbruggen, an avid gamer himself, who has succeeded in putting across the familiar arcade game feeling in his Shoot 'Em Up (version).

The well-known flash game portal GameNode from the Netherlands has meanwhile acquired the licence and is full of praise for StarFire Retaliation. "It’s a blast of a game!"

Have a go yourself? Play the game at The New Arcade.

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