Hackers put malware in regular Windows Mobile games

By Tim Quax on 07 june 2010

Hackers download WM games from WM game portals, only to upload them yet again to other websites with a special flavor to it. At least the hackers have a sense of humor; the addition to the original game randomly calls expensive numbers.

Since the games are being re-uploaded them to other Windows Mobile app sites, the spreading of the malware goes quite fast. Although Microsoft does have a Marketplace for WM apps, a lot of the apps are still being spread by forums and regular websites. Speaking of Microsoft, they're doing jack about the problem; the merging of malware with WM games is not a security vulnerability, after all.

The investigation of a security company by the name of LookOut has indicated that 9 out of 100 Windows Mobile phones they checked are infected by malware. Though several companies have issues security packs for several platforms on smart phones, it never really became popular.

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