Hacker gets Flash working on iPad

By Tim Quax on 05 july 2010

The hacker comex, known for his Spirit jailbreak for the iPhones, has succeeded in porting the Android flash version towards the iPad. Comex calls his port Frash and wants to make it compatible for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 as well.

Comex' Flash port is made using a compatibility layer, which would enable the iPad to play most Flash content straight from the Safari browser. Three weeks ago he made a port for the iPhone, apparently the version for the iPad was a lot more succesful. From the YouTube videos shown as examples it looks pretty fast - unlike what Adolf Jobs tells us about the code. According to Jobs' propaganda Flash is slow and inefficient, which slows the device down - and decreases the battery duration significantly.

Comex is not yet releasing Frash, as he thinks it's too unstable as of yet. He has however submitted his port to GitHub so we can screw around with it - and help him further develop the port, of course.

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