Prototype next iPhone has an Apple CPU

By Tim Quax on 16 may 2010

A prototype of the next iPhone, called the iPhone HD, has an Apple processor according to photo's on a vietnamese forum. The CPU is an A4, clocked at 1Ghz.

The photo's can be found at the vietnamese forum Diendanapple. Besides the Apple logo on the processor, it also shows it's an A4, with the rest of the numbers largely similar to those on the iPad.

There have been rumors for a while that Apple would stuff their phones with new shiny Apple CPU's. They would equip the iPhone with an A4 cpu, which as a Cortex A8-core, clocked at 1Ghz. The A4 is equipped with a PowerVR SGX GPU as well, to boost graphical performance.

We never saw it coming, with Apple having taken over chip fabricator Intrinsity.

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