Microsoft has announced Windows Mobile 7

By Tim Quax on 16 february 2010

Steve Ballmer has announced Windows Mobile 7 on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The new mobile OS from Microsoft offers more integration with Bing and the Xbox.

Windows Mobile 7 also features more integration with social networks and other Microsoft services. The Windows Mobile 7 user interface has been inspired by that of the Zune HD. Ballmer also announced the new name it has given the OS. It will be called Windows Phone 7; the Redmond giant is hoping everyone will stop seeing it as a mobile OS, but rather as the same OS people find on their desktops.


As Windows Phone 7 is meant for high end smart phones, Windows Mobile 6 will still be around for some time. WM 6.5.3 will fulfill the role of attending to the cheaper devices, as well as high-end phones. Ballmer estimates the first Windows Mobile 7 phones will ship later this year.

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