First results of triple SLI!

By Tim Quax on 07 november 2007

Tom's Hardware Taiwan has managed to get the new awesome MSI P7N Platinum motherboard and went benchmarking the thing with three 8800 GTX videocards in SLI.

They were supposed to be 8800 Ultra cards, but it didn't quite fit, as you can see below. The test system contained a 2,93GHz Core 2 Extreme and 2GB ram.

8800 Ultra cards in Triple SLI

The results ran from scores of 1,8 up to 2,7 times the performance of a single 8800 GTX card. The profits of SLI on 1280x1024 in 3DMark06 were dissapointing, as little as 1500 points. Though when the resolution was pumped up to 2560x1600, the triple goodness came back with a whopping 10.145 points, where a single card only got 4.752 points.

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