Android 2.2 is supposedly 450% faster than 2.1

By Tim Quax on 12 may 2010

The upcoming new release of the Android OS, version 2.2 named Froyo, is supposedly 450% percent faster than its predecessor. The speed boost is coming from Dalvik, having been equipped with a shiny new JIT compiler.

The dudes from the site Androidpolice have found a testrom containing Android 2.2, and thought it'd be cool to combine the OS version with the benchmark tool Linpack. What they found was that the Nexus One has a 450% speed increase in Android 2.2 as opposed to 2.1.


The Nexus combines with Android 2.1 pushed out a good 7 megaflops, and 2.2 kicked it's younger brother in the teeth with a stunning 37 MFLOPS. The speed increase comes from the Dalvik Virtual Machine. Dalvik is the part in Android that actually runs the programs. In version 2.2 Dalvik switched from being a mere interpreter to a full blown JIT compiler. Sweet.

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