Nokia and Intel release pre-alpha version of MeeGo for the N900

By Tim Quax on 02 july 2010

Nokia and Intel have released a pre-alpha version of MeeGo. The Open Source Linux based OS is a newfound merger of Maemo and Moblin.

The Maemo-running N900 is the lucky phone that gets to try out the new OS. Since it's still pre-alpha, most of the features aren't implemented yet.


Maemo, which runs mostly on tablets, works like a charm for the N900, if MeeGo is anything like Maemo with hardware-support brought by Intel and a few other features from Moblin, we're in for a treat!

This is the first actual release of MeeGo; there was indeed something published a while back, but since it didn't have a gui it doesn't really count. You can view the screenshots or download the source straight away.

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