Nokia fans want smartphone with multiple OS'es

By Tim Quax on 09 may 2010

If the Nokia fans could choose, they would go for a 4" inch screen smartphone, which has multiple OS'es, according to a vote. Hell yeah, that's just awesome.

Visitors of the official Nokia blog could vote for features a new smartphone should have. The only limitation to the features is that all features should be able to be put on the phone, still keeping it reasonably priced.

And so it should have a 4" screen, 8MP camera with potentially HD video recording. It should contain 802.11n-wifi and have hdmi out, USB 3 and a kinetic power booster to top it off. Oh, and it can measure 110x60x10mm tops, which is a lot thinner than most Nokia phones by the way.

And damn, I want one!

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