Go: new open source programming language from Google

By Tim Quax on 13 november 2009

Google introduces Go. Go is a new programming language, though prioritized towards expressive syntax and faster compilation. Google's new language is, however, still a variation on C.

Every programmer has their opinions about programming languages. What should be important to the language, what should be improved on top of everything else (I know I am that picky). Better runtime performance, compiling faster, advantages every programmer is looking at. Not just programmers, companies as well. Most top vendors in the software industry wind up making their own language or choose to extend an existing one instead, fitting their needs and goals.

Google's Go offers fast compilation, good performance, and built-in language features that mostly focus on threaded programming and concurrency. The language has been under development for about two years. It started out as a 20% project; 20% of the Google's engineers working time is given to use as they choose for undirected experimentation. However it has evolved into a fulltime project. Google releases the source code under the BSD license, hoping a community will emerge around the new programming language.

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