Full Automatic Computercontrolled Coffee Maker29-09Full Automatic Computercontrolled Coffee Maker
This mod is a computer controlled coffee maker, with fully automatic rails. The coffee maker is hooked up to my PC, which can turn the coffee maker on and off with a VBS script, as well as the rails to move the coffee-filled mug around.

Ceiling PC29-09Ceiling PC
Forced by lack of space, the Beer Case PC mod had to go. I wrecked it, but of course I did want to keep the system that resides in it (i'm a student after all). Solution? I nailed the machine to the ceiling, plenty of room there!

Plexiglass Big Tower29-09Plexiglass Big Tower
My PC has a history of very high temperatures. Not very ideal for a machine that stays on for weeks / months at a time. That's why I decided to create a big tower with the ideal airflow that fits with my computing behaviour.

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