Plexiglass Big Tower

By Tim Quax on 29 september 2008
My PC has a history of very high temperatures. Not very ideal for a machine that stays on for weeks / months at a time. That's why I decided to create a big tower with the ideal airflow that fits with my computer behaviour.

The frame

The frame consists of sheet metal and aluminum corner brackets. I didn't make the frame from scratch, instead I modded an existing regular frame and upped it to a big tower.

The frame itself is painted black, with a blue glow over the black paint, which I did with an airbrush, creating a nice effect.

Plexiglass big tower case front

The panels

The panels are plates of plexiglass, with tweaked corner brackets and bolts that form the mechanics for closing of the sidepanels.

The edges of the side of the frame is covered with foam, to seal the panels to the frame.This also helps a great deal with isolating the sound the machine produces. To create the airflow I need I mounted 6 fans onto the case itself.

Plexiglass big tower case left side

Plexiglass big tower case right side

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