Duck Duck Go: A New Search Engine Built from Open Source

By Tim Quax on 12 july 2010

DuckDuckGo is a new search engine. Like all search engines its focused on relevant results and speed, with of course respecting user privacy. It also uses it's own web crawler, the DuckDuckBot.

The search engine is actually a mash-up of several other sites like Wikipedia, About, Bing, and Yahoo. DuckDuckGo uses so-called Zero Click search results to guess what youare looking for and give it to you directly in your search results.

I've been testing DuckDuckGo for a few days now, and I must say i'm impressed; it has indexed quite a lot by now (i can't see how recent the result pages are, as there is no view-cached option), and it's quite fast as well. However, the most remarkable thing about DuckDuckGo is the fact that the entire search engine is built upon open source building blocks. It's platform is FreeBSD and it uses perl and postgresql, for example.

According to DuckDuckGo's developer, Gabriel Weinberg, the software stack looks like this:

- Web Server: Nginix
- Cache: Memcached and Solr
- Database: PostgreSQL
- Primary Language: Perl
- Operating System: FreeBSD for the main site or Ubuntu for Amazon EC2 failover images

All and all it's a very nice search engine, though I really miss a view-cached option and a DuckDuckGo Images section.

tommy jr on Saturday 04-02-2012

i swithed from google for the main reason of threating tracking, so far duckduckgo is ok , just need to add the images and vedios options soon... thank you for giving me an alterative to google falling into the pressure of an intrusive govt
TLM on Thursday 04-09-2014

Actually, DuckDuckGo has image results now, as well as other stuff.

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