Netgear announces wifi router with 3G support

By Tim Quax on 11 february 2010

Netgear has developed a wifi router with an integrated 3G module; the router can share a 3G connection and it can be used as a backup, just in case the primary connection fails.


The router supports 3G up to 20Mbps. There's not much to the machine besides the 3G module; the NetGear MBRN3300E has 4 100Mbps ports and 801.11n wifi, thus supporting a speed up to 270Mbps. The router also contains SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) and has an integrated bandwidthmeter.

will2 on Monday 08-03-2010

Do you know the PRICE of this, and WHEN it will be available ?
Levitra on Thursday 29-04-2010

WANT! That router is cool.

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