3TB Harddisks before the year ends

By Tim Quax on 08 february 2010

The 2,5" disks with a capacity of 640GB and 3.5" disks of 2.5TB will be widely available in august, according to TDK's roadmap. TDK also estimates the first hdd's with a capacity of 3TB to arrive at the market before the year's end.

TDK is a manufacturer for read and write heads for hdd manufacturers and the company recently presented their roadmap to financial analysts. The hdd manufacturers are currently testing heads for 320GB and 375GB platters for 2.5" disks. The production for the 320GB platters has begun and the 375GB version will start this month.

Manufacturers have already announced 2.5" disks with two platters and a capacity of 640GB, and the first model for a 750GB capacity should be announced in february. At the end of september the qualification period for the 375GB platters will end; the customers who work with TDK will have 2.5" disks with 750GB to through towards the market.

Platters with a capacity of 640GB for 2.5" disks are currently tested by hdd manufacturers. Production will start in march, but before production is at its peak, which will be around august, the 2.5TB models with four 640GB platters will be available. Manufacturers will probably bring hdd's with five platters to the market before the year's over, which should bring the capacity up to 3.2TB.

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