Asus develops P55 successor for Core i3

By Tim Quax on 18 november 2009

Asus is currently developing the successor for the P55 motherboard series. The H57 chipset has to be compatible with the dualcore Clarkdale Core i3 and Core i5 cpu's, that will be launched in 2010.

The first Asus motherboard with the H57 chipset on board will become the P7H57D-V Evo. The specifications for this H57 board are very much alike the P55 motherboard; about as much as the name; the P7P55D Evo. Even the design looks like that of it's predecessor.

The motherboard has been fitted with four ddr3 memory slots, two x16 pcie slots sharing their bandwidth, two 1x pcie slots and a single pci slot. The baord includes eight channel audio, esata, firewire and besides the necessary usb 2.0 ports there are usb 3.0 ports available as well. The motherboard also features 6Gbps sata connections. Asus will probably introduce their H57 motherboards in januari during the CES.

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