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Cam Duck29-09Cam Duck
The Cam Duck is a rubber duck with a built in webcam. I experimented a lot with this mod, in order to convert the mod to a full blown product.

USB Duck29-09USB Duck
The USB Duck is a bath duck with built in USB storage. The first, being a mod, was created fairly quickly. I experimented a lot with it in order to convert the mod into a full blown product.

Beer Case PC29-09Beer Case PC
The Beer Case PC is a beer case with a PC built in it. I kept a row on the side intact, so 6 beers still fit in there, and they are kept cool by 4 light emitting fans

Edimax router Loadbalancer29-09Edimax router Loadbalancer
I turned a simple Edimax router into a loadbalancer; changed the firmware to create a basic Linux system out of it, which serves as the platform onto which I installed load balancing software.

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